Washington County

Washington County

Washington County is located in the Northwest area of the sunshine state. This laid back, rural community believes in the simple things in life. The 25,000 people who call this place home believe that quality time spent with family and friends is the core foundation to strong family values and quality of life. Children are being raised here with manners and respect. All while being taught good work ethics and passion for a spiritual life. The cities within Washington County, Florida are; Chipley, Ebro, Greenhead, New Hope, Sunny Hills, Vernon and Wausau. Whether you are a resident of the community, your visiting the area or you’re just passing through, expect to be greeted with warm and friendly smiles.

Spending time with family and friends as well as socializing with neighbors is important to the people who live in Washington County. Check out the largest event calendar within the area. Here you will find events and things to do that the entire family will enjoy. From annual festivals to holiday events, we have fun things to do. As well as nightlife, outdoor activities and sporting events. Not to mention church events and car shows. So, go ahead and click here to find things to do in the area and beyond.

The business community within the county consists of hard working business owners who strive to provide quality work with reasonable rates. All About the Sunshine State and the Washington County Business Directory supports the local community and the top rated companies within the area. Our favorite places to do business with are listed below….. Shop Local – Shop All About the Sunshine State.

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