Okeechobee County

Okeechobee County

Okeechobee County is a fisherman’s dream! The county is surrounded by the second largest lake in the United States and is a haven for some of the world’s largest freshwater bass. Many of the 40,000 residents who call this place home are avid fisherman or enjoy outdoor activities. The Kissimmee Prairie Preserve and wildlife parks are enjoyed by both, the residents and visitors looking to enjoy the natural beauty of south Florida. Therefore, some of the most beautiful camping locations in the sunshine state are located here. As well as the numerous RV parks on the lake that snowbirds flock to during the winter season. The cities that make up this area include; Okeechobee, Cypress Quarters, Taylor Creek and Up the Grove Beach.

There is always something going on within the area. If you are looking for fun things to do, the area event calendar will show you what’s going on. Local events typically include; farmers markets, fishing tournaments, holiday festivities and bingo. Not to mention the Annual Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival held each March and numerous events at the Seminole Brighton Casino. The business community within the county is made up of local diners, fishing charters, unique shopping destinations and affordable places to stay. As well as professional local services and quality home improvement contractors. Although the area is known for being the Fishing Capital of the World, there’s plenty of land left for great companies to serve the community as well. Below you find a list of our favorite places to do business with within the area. As always, Shop Local – Shop All About the Sunshine State.

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