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There are 67 Counties in Florida but originally there were only two! If you’re interested in the history of the sunshine state, we have some fascinating history tips for you. Back in 1821, Florida was basically divided in half at the Suwannee River. Escambia was the only county to the west of the Suwannee River whereas St Johns County was the only county to the right of the river. Florida finally became the 27th state in the United States in 1845 and additional counties were being established.

Florida counties were thought of very carefully and many were named after their cultural heritage. Some are named for Confederate political leaders and the Spanish explorers and saints, marking the influence of Spanish sovereignty, while others were named for political leaders of the United States. Not every county was named after influential people tho, we also have counties named after the natural features of the the sunshine state. Rivers and lakes are also commonly used for county names. 

The Population of Florida has changed quite a bit since the mid 1800’s. Back in 1830 the population was only 34,730 – which was a pretty fair amount of people considering the day and age. According the the United States Census, we have over 20 million Florida residents now. Over 20 million people live in Florida! Can you imagine how many people are here on any given day when accounting for tourists, etc?

Miami-Dade is the most populated county in Florida whereas Liberty County has the least amount of residents residing within the area. The Sunshine State is unique in many ways and has something to offer everyone. Whether you enjoy the Florida beaches and entertainment galore or your prefer the quiet, laid back country life, we have it all! The total area in Florida consists of 65,795 square miles and almost 12,000 square miles of the sunshine state is water. Between rivers, lakes, ponds and inter-coastal waterways, water activities are in abundance. Palm Beach County is actually the largest with over 2,034 square miles whereas Union County is the smallest with only 240 square miles! Union county is home to just over 15,000 residents and is the third-lowest-income county in the United States by per capita income. 

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