Relationship Rumors

relationship rumorsDo you ever feel like you belong on the Dr Phil show? Do you feel like everything you say over and over and over again is not being heard or understood? Or that your  loved one must of been snatched by an alien and then beamed back to earth only after being brain washed into thinking like a complete idiot?  You’re not alone!

If you’re to the point of losing it – step back, take a deep breath and let us help! Although we are not psychiatrists, counselors or mental health professionals, we can all play one on here by joining in on the issues people face daily and helping others deal with hurt and pain throughout the sunshine state.

We welcome all comments and ideas.

Relationship Rumors is a new blog written by the team at All About the Sunshine.
Our goal is to help both women and men deal with the daily struggles of their relationship. Whether it be with their spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, children, step kids, parents, employers, co-workers or siblings. We want to discuss different issues that arise and reasons to stay or not to stay in your current situations.

We welcome all comments and ideas.

Everyone has had a disagreement, fight, argument or completely different moral belief’s that they can not agree on with a spouse, child, coworker or family member. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. The problem is that you have to learn to let it go…. well, how in the world do you do that!!!! You’re furious, you can’t get your point across and your literally boiling inside because you want to be heard. Together, we will take you through a step by step process of defining the one stem that created this web of weeds.

Relationships are like a field of flowers.   “Coming Soon”

10 reasons why to stay in your relationship. ” Coming Soon”


What are you struggling with today? Let’s discuss it below!

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