Questions & Answers

What does a membership consist of?

A membership consists of an entire web page within our county business directory. We will showcase all your imperative information such as; name of business, phone number, address with map to your location along with any other type of correspondence needed for the community to reach out to your company. (email address, after hours number, etc ) But we don’t stop there. By being a member of our county business directories, we are going to give you so much more. You will receive a photo gallery with up to 13 photos to show off your staff, top selling products, additional coupons, before & after pictures or photos of your facility. Unlike others, we are also going to give you unlimited space for your business details, unlimited keywords for seo, unlimited category placement, unlimited event postings, unlimited coupons, VIP Members Reward Card, links to your website & social media and even a spot for your you tube video. Changes and updates can be made at any time.

Do I get charged for making changes?

Absolutely not. Changes and updates can be made at any time for no additional charge. You will be given a password and username so you can update your details, photo’s, etc at anytime. As long as your annual membership stays current you are able to make unlimited changes and updates 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

I’m not computer friendly – Can you help me with my page?

Absolutely. At EAD, we will assign a member of our creative arts department to assist you with any changes or updates you may need to your business listing. We will stay in contact with you regularly throughout the year and make sure your page stays current.

How much does it cost?

Our annual memberships cost well below the industry average. What we charge per year is what you’d expect to pay per month (sometimes per week) with the other advertising outfits. We also offer non-profit rates and multiple county discounts for those who offer services in additional counties. Our annual memberships are affordable for every business. If you want to amplify your ROI, rank higher on the search engines, brand your business, be a step above your competition and increase your bottom line, click here to view the lowest rates in the industry.

Am I locked into a contract?

Absolutely not. We offer annual memberships – meaning you will pay a one time fee that will cover your membership for an entire 12 months. Within those twelve months, you are allowed unlimited changes to your page. From switching out coupons, adding photos, office hours, menu updates, current specials, event postings, before and after pictures, you name it…. It’s your page we can do whatever you want to it.

Are you going to automatically renew my membership next year?

Absolutely not. We have never automatically renewed a membership. Just ask any of the thousands of happy members we already have. We do not agree with companies who “assume” their clients are going to continue a service and automatically renew a subscription without the approval by that person.  What we are going to do is stay in contact with you throughout the year and inform you when it gets close to your membership ending. Another nice part about being a member of our county directories is the fact that we offer a guaranteed rate lock.

What is a Guaranteed Rate Lock?

What this means is that as long as you keep your membership current, your rates will never increase. Our rates increase yearly, just like everyone else. However, our members who have been with us since 2007 are still paying our 2007 rates and so forth. The sooner you become a member of your county business directory, the sooner we can lock in your low rates. Authorization Form


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