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Everyone loves fun contests! If you are looking for something fun to do to pass your time, enter into one of our contests! They are easy, they are free and they are fun! At any given time, All About the Sunshine State has numerous ways to win great prizes. We invite you to test your luck and knowledge. Start playing now!

mandi the manatee

Mandi the Manatee has been swimming through the local business listings in the Florida Business Directory. She’s a busy bee stopping to say hello at various companies along the way. Can you help us find her? Rewards are given to our Florida friends who find her for us!

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This game is for Polk County residents only.

Attention Polk County Residents: Come back each month to play the newest game. There is a new contest and opportunities to win great prizes monthly. We invite you to test your skills, luck and knowledge to win great prizes. Must be 18 years old to enter.

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From now until Labor Day ( September 3rd, 2018 ) we are playing a game. How many words can you make using only the letters in sunshine? Example: sun. Send us your answers by emailing us at: Be sure to include your name and the county in which you reside. ( You can also send us a message on Facebook with your answers ) Whoever has the most words created will win a $20 Gift Card to a local Restaurant! ( In the event of a tie, one person will be drawn to win. ) How many words can you come up with? Contest ends at 5pm on September 3rd, 2018.

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